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JimmyLeGuillouxBand    — LIVE@WHISKIS
Release date : Feb. 20, 2014
Label : Independent

Recorded in Nov 2013 at Whiski Jacks pub in West Kelowna. Contains all the best original stuff, live off the floor! Available at all shows exclusively until out of print!


Everything and The Box It Came In


JLB – Jimmy Leguilloux Band    —  “Everything and The Box It Came In”
Release date : Jan. 01, 2013



  1.     Replacement
  2.     Change
  3.     Next Time
  4.     Coming Home
  5.     Everything
  6.     The Box It Came In
  7.     No Regrets
  8.     I Still Try
  9.     Uneasy Sense of Calm
  10.     Rainy Day Song
  11.     * Bonus track: Change (Remix)


Produced by Jimmy LeGuilloux
Engineered by Jimmy LeGuilloux
Acoustic guitar album recorded mostly in the living room by Jimmy LeGuilloux. No electric guitars or guitar amplifiers were used in this recording.
Drums performed by Jay Terrence at the new “secret facility”, except “Replacement” recorded at Jon Bos’ condo at Big White.
Acoustic Bass performed by Rich Priske
Piano, Organ performed by Vytas Sincevicous,
BG’s by Rachel Matkin, Barb Murphy, Brad Krauza, Pat Brown
String Section on “Uneasy Sense of Calm” performed by the Crabspasm Philharmonik.
Vortex Hand Choir – Claps
Guitar Solo, textures on “Box, Change” by Danny McBride
“Change (Remix)” by Mark Greenhalgh, One World Studio
All songs written by Jimmy LeGuilloux © 2012 (SOCAN)
All rights reserved.

Songs That I Love

JLB – Jimmy Leguilloux Band — Songs That I Love
Release date : Jan. 01, 2010



  1. Birthday Suit
  2. Beautiful
  3. The Good Life
  4. Mystery Girl
  5. It’s The Porn
  6. Insult To Injury
  7. New Years Resolution
  8. Waste Of Space
  9. Is This The End
  10. No Regrets
  11. Reggae Christmas
  12. Kaisha
  13. Nightmare
  14. I Didn’t Wake Up Today
  15. On The Outside
  16. Old Man Island